Uh, The 'Rachel'?! 10 Times Jennifer Aniston Taught Us Everything About Style

- Rex

Jennifer Aniston is team InStyle's favourite fashion trooper.

Over the years our Jen has risen like a phoenix out of the '90s ashes, becoming a bona fide red carpet pro at every high profile event she attends. The immaculate hair. The glowing complexion. The toned legs. Yes, Jennifer Aniston looks every picture of health and happiness these days, and that makes us very, very glad.

However, we think back on the good old times Jen and well, we feel more than a little nostalgic. Everytime we see a choppy layered bob, a pair of violet tinted glasses, or even a cheeky bit of midriff...we think of you, and everything you taught us about style back in the day.

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So to celebrate your style evolution, here are some of our favourite Jen moments - come on, how many of these belters did you try?

1. That you can look THIS good while doing the ironing

True, it never really happened that way but at least we tried.

2. That any '90s occasion called for a kooky straw hat

Date situations such as market shopping/fairgrounds/beach walks were great for busting out a nifty piece of headgear

3. Jen's signature 'girl-next-door' look

There is waaaay too much to cover here. The backwards cap. The violet glasses. The plaits. The cami/tee combo. We tried ALL of these - only, Jen was fly enough to wear them all together...and nail it. 

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4. The red carpet midriff

This was undisputed Aniston territory. She coined it. She owned it. We all copied it for our leavers prom...

5. The 'edgy' side

Yes, Jen wasn't frightened to dabble in a bit of grunge. The twist-come-dreadlocks (the ones you can wash out, obvs) are stealing the show here. As well as the long skirt, the tiny purse and the Bono-inspired Brad. Swoon.

6. The side boob

Like the midriff, the red carpet side boob was another of Jen's legacy moments. Only the bravest girls tried this one...

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7. Asymmetric hem/trousers combo

Nothing said romance like a draped floral top, with *essential* asymmetric hem. If you wore it over slacks you were hitting Aniston gold.

8. The walking stick

She even managed to pull this one off...

9. Fifty shades of beige

Nothing said noughties like neutral layering. And if your fella was into it too? Happy days.

10. The 'Rachel'

The most nailed vs failed hairstyle of all time. And it is undoubtedly Jennifer Aniston's crowning fash' moment.

We're not worthy.

We love you Jen xx